Birds are a wonderful addition to the garden. Whether it’s their chirpy birdsong which helps you rise in the morning or their knack for munching on pesky snails and slugs, they are a welcome visitor in the backyard. Birds are attracted by plants that provide food sources such as berries, seeds, and also those that provide nectar. However, in winter when natural food sources are low, most wild birds will eat seed, so feeding birds is a simple way to increase the number of birds in your garden and provides entertainment for the whole family.

We’ve introduced a new range of specialist wildlife feeders and seed from New Zealand owned and operated Topflite. They have a strong commitment to the nutrition and conservation of New Zealand birds.

The Topflite team are based in Oamaru, and from the region’s rich soil, they cultivate nutritious seed with the highest nutritional outcomes for the ‘smallest’ members of our families and communities.

Come in store and see the fantastic range of Topflite products including:



Truffle Bucket and Truffle Feeder


Bistro Feeder