Why Grow in a Vegepod

There are many benefits to growing in a container, portability, ease of maintenance, and perfect if you’re short on space.

Container Gardening Benefits

Raised and enclosed vegetable gardens protect the soil and stop contamination, control nutrient levels, retain warmth, are portable, easy to set up, fill and maintain.

Protective Cover


Vegepods have gone one step further and have added a protective cover (VegeCover) to their containers, which increases the benefits exponentially. The VegeCover eliminates the need for pesticides as the Commercial Grade permeable cover allows water, sun and air to pass through, so if it’s ever raining, it’s getting watered like any other garden, but provides your plants protection from wildlife, pests and bugs. Providing a shade-rate of 17%, the cover will protect the plants inside from the harsh heat.

Self – Watering

The Vegepod is a self-watering garden bed, meaning it utilises a wicking system. The wick is the soil that is in contact with the water in the reservoir at the base of the garden bad. Soil uses a capillary action to draw the water upwards keeping the soil moist. A plant’s roots will locate this moisture hence watering from below.

Established plants can last weeks without watering and in cooler times your plants may not require water for months at a time.

It is important to water seeds and seedlings daily for a week or more. After that the reservoir will have enough water to keep the plant healthy. It is a good idea to reduce watering significantly once the plant is established. Over-watering can cause as much harm to your plants as under-watering.

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Vegepod Sizes

Palmers stock all three sizes of Vegepod, small, medium and large.


Dimensions – 0.5m x 1m


Dimensions – 1m x 1m


Dimensions – 2m x 1m

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