The Westringia Series

All of these Westringias are bread in Australia from originally native plants and are tough, drought resistant and tolerant of cold conditions. They will grow in light shade to full sun, coastal positions and in virtually any reasonably well drained soil. Requiring virtually no care requirements, they have the added bonus of flowering against their appealing foliage. A little trimming to shape is recommended, although even left alone they remain compact and true to shape. Feed with a good quality slow release fertiliser in spring. These plants are a great alternative to Buxus and many other choices, establishing quickly and suffering virtually no disease or problems often associated with difficult locations.

They make stunning layered hedges and look great planted in any combination together, either randomly or in formal hedge style plantings.

westringia: the perfect hedge

Westringia Mundi
Low mounding habit to about 50cm high x 1.5m wide. Green foliage has soft appearance with white flowers.

westringia: the perfect hedge

Westringia Grey Box (front)
Low growing 45cm x 45cm with grey foliage and white flowers. Compact natural ball shape even without pruning.

Westringia Aussie Box (back)
Slightly bigger 80cm x 80cm growth habit, but still naturally compact. Green foliage with soft mauve flowers.

westringia: the perfect hedge

Westringia Naringa
Tallest in this selection with strong growth to 1.5m to 2m height. The best selection for normal windbreak or screen hedging. Green foliage with mauve flowers.