Which Rose Should I Choose?

Roses come in many types with different heritage benefits and growth habits. When a rose is young and ‘stick looking’ it can be hard to know what it will look like when fully grown. Below we outline the key characteristics of different rose types to help with your rose buying decision making:

rose types


Produces masses of smaller flowers. Unrivalled for providing a colourful, reliable and long-lasting bedding display. Height is usually 1m to 2m.

rose types

Hybrid Tea

The most popular type of rose, available in both bush or standard form. Produces fewer flowers but larger individual blooms. Height is usually 1.5m to 2m.

rose types

Bush Roses

Most commonly chosen and covering a vast number of colours, heights and characteristics.

climbing rose - rose types

Climbing and Rambling Roses

These varieties are best used over fences, pergolas and walls. They are of various sizes to suit wide uses in the garden. Ramblers have long pliable stems, bearing large trusses of small flowers and are usually only spring or summer flowering. Most climbers repeat their flowers from spring to late autumn.

standard rose - rose types

Standard Roses

Many bush rose varieties are also available grown on longer stems. These are easy to work on at 800mm high, a space saver and a good height for fragrance to be enjoyed.

david austin rose - rose types

David Austin Roses

These ‘old English’ roses are actually new varieties that offer English rose blooms and perfume along with modern colours.

rose types

Old Fashioned Roses

Some popular ‘classic roses’ are still available to home gardeners and enthusiasts.