Sweetcorn is one of our summer staples, an easy crowd pleaser and family favourite, nothing quite beats biting into a freshly harvested sweetcorn! If you love corn on the cob as much as we do, growing your own at home is a must! If you’re looking to grow sweetcorn in your garden this year, check out our top tips below.

When to plant sweetcorn

Sweetcorn can be planted in spring, however, they do not tolerate the cold. Plant sweetcorn once the risk of frost has passed, in colder areas this can be as late as November as they only take 3-4 months to harvest.

It is best to plant sweetcorn in the early morning or late in the day so they are not exposed to the sun straight away.

Water your sweetcorn well before and after planting them.

Where to plant sweetcorn

Sweetcorn are tall plants so be sure to plant them somewhere where they will be protected from strong winds (against a fence is a great option).

Because sweetcorn is wind-pollinated between each other, it is best to plant them closer together. How far will depend on the variety you have selected, but an average of about 50cm between plants should work well for most types.

Plant in a hole that is roughly twice the depth and width of the root ball of your plant. If you are planting in containers ensure the soil is at least 30cm deep, 50cm is ideal.

When to harvest sweetcorn

Corn is ready to harvest when the tassels are dry and dark brown and when the ears of corn are sitting about a 45-degree angle from the main stem. You can also check by gently pulling back a few leaves and checking the ripeness of the kernels. The juice that comes out should be milky.

To pick your corn just gently twist and pull. Corn is best enjoyed as fresh as possible, so try to pick right before cooking!

Our favourite sweetcorn recipes

If you need just a little more convincing to grow sweetcorn in your garden this year, check out some of our favourite recipes:

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Fresh Corn Risotto with Wild Rice and Pancetta

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