Let's chat light levels with Houseplants

Location can seem to be a tricky game, when it comes to indoor plants. While each house may have different microclimates, it can be tough to know the ideal light conditions when placing a plant in your home. Are your plants getting too much light, or not enough light? Not to worry - our simple guide below makes it easy to figure out how much light each of your plant babies need.


Plants such as Kalanchoe, Succulents, Cacti and Tradescantia Zebrina prefer an area right by a window that gets loads of bright direct light.


Plants such as Monstera, Peperomia and Calathea thrive in an area that receives bright indirect light.


Plants such as African Violet and Bird’s Nest Fern prefer an area not too close to a window in a spot which receives medium levels of light.


Plants such as Snake Plant (Sansevieria), Spider Plant, ZZ Plant and Peace Lily prefer a well shaded spot with low levels of light.

Our downloadable diagram shows how light can vary within a room and where your house plants will thrive! 

This ‘How To’ Guide has been produced to provide basic information and our experienced staff are available to answer any questions that you may have. Because this guide is of a general nature, neither Palmers nor its staff are responsible for the application of the information, as the contents may need to be modified for individual projects and site applications.