How to Grow in Hanging Baskets

How to Grow in Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets aren’t restricted to flowers. Why not try a herb basket or even a gourmet veg basket? Choose plants for your basket to a specific colour theme or for boldness of colour and texture. Let your imagination run wild. But remember, baskets need more attention to watering than other containers. This is because they have air movement all around them, so more water is required to replace that which is lost through evaporation.

How to plant your hanging basket

The following method refers to a wire basket which has spaces for planting sides as well as the top. Plastic baskets may simply be planted from the top. In this case, use as many cascading plants as possible to cover the sides of the basket.
  1. Choose a group of plants that prefer the same light, water and temperature conditions. Select a basket size to suit the plants you have chosen.
  2. Use Hanging Basket Mix to pot up your hanging basket, or add Crystal Rain and Saturaid to ordinary potting mix.
  3. Put an old saucer in the bottom of the hanging basket to retain moisture.
  4. Cut slits in the liner where you wish to have plants growing from the sides of the basket.
  5. Fill with potting mix until level with the slits. Carefully thread seedlings through the slits then continue filling with mix until you reach a level to pot the remainder of your plants.
  6. Position the rest of your plants. Fill and firm potting mix around plants, ensuring final potting mix level is at least 1cm below the top rim of the basket.
  7. Water basket thoroughly.

Ideal plants for hanging baskets

Cheerful Colour • Alyssum • ”Bijou” Sweet Pea • Dianthus • Impatiens • Livingstone Daisies • Lobelia • Marigold • Nasturtium Hermine Grasshoff • Pansies • Petunias • Phlox Repeat Flowering Plants • Colourwave Verbenas • Colourwave Petunias • Helichrysum “Limelight” • Ice Plants • Ivy Geranium • Lobelia Kathleen Mallard • Tuberous Begonias Other • Campanula • Ferns • Fuchsias • Flowercarpet Roses • Helipterum Paper Cascade • Ivy • Jasmine • Prostrate Rosemary • Mini Roses • Bacopa White & Pink

Handy Hints for Hanging Basket

Use a good quality potting mix – preferably one containing a slow release fertiliser. Add Crystal Rain and Saturaid to help prevent drying out. A dry basket is a dead basket – water frequently, up to 2 or 3 times per day in hot weather.

Feed and water regularly

Plant generously. Do not be afraid of over planting – put lots of plants in for a really colourful, exuberant, long lasting effect. Remove the dead heads of flowers to encourage fresh ones. Hang the basket at head level where possible (out of main access ways) and place in a sheltered position.

Select the right plants

Giving thought to conditions (sun or shade, cold or hot) Make sure the bracket is strong enough to hold the weight of the full basket. They can be surprisingly heavy. Secure the bracket firmly to the wall. Hanging baskets are a delightful way to add presence to entrance ways, walls and pergolas. It’s a simple, unpretentious way, together with window boxes, to frame a window with beautiful flowers and foliage.
This ‘How To’ Guide has been produced to provide basic information and our experienced staff are available to answer any questions that you may have. Because this guide is of a general nature, neither Palmers nor its staff are responsible for the application of the information, as the contents may need to be modified for individual projects and site applications.