As the soil warms up spring bulbs and plants begin to flower and sprout their fresh new spring growth. It’s time to get stuck in and plant all your favourite spring/summer flowers and get your vegetable garden underway.

Flower garden

Plant new Perennials like Petunia, Federation Daisies, Impatiens, Geraniums. Take care with tender plants in cold districts and wait until the danger of frosts are over.

Plant your favourite seedlings of spring and summer flowering annuals including Petunia, Alyssum, Snap Dragon, Begonia and Lobelia

Feed roses, trees, shrubs and flower beds then mulch.

Complete pruning of Hydrangea and Roses. Prune deciduous trees straight after flowering.

Now is the time to plant easy care, sure to grow Dahlia tubers and Gladioli corms for summer display.

To protect roses new growth from pests and diseases, spray regularly with a certified organic liquid fertiliser.

Around the House

Repot and feed houseplants with a certified organic liquid fertiliser.

Plant hanging baskets and terracotta pots up for a bright and cheery summer display.

Edible Garden

Complete your vegetable garden prep by digging in plenty of quality compost.

Prune Passionfruit vines by removing some of last season's excessive growth remembering that they fruit on last year’s growth.

Spuds for Christmas! Place your seed potatoes on a tray in a sunny position for at least a month before planting. When the sprouts on the seed potatoes are 2 to 4cm long, plant out in the garden in a large plastic pot, or in a planter in a warm and sheltered position.

Plant Strawberries, Blueberries, Brambles and Rhubarb for delicious crumbles and pies.

Feed berry vines, citrus and fruit trees with Tui Performance Naturals Citrus & Fruit Tree fertiliser or a liquid organic fertiliser.

Protect seedlings from slugs and snails with Slug and Snail pellets or Tui Quash.

Refresh your herb garden with new plants in your garden or pots.

In warmer districts early Tomato, Capsicum, Courgette, Cucumber, Pumpkin and Celery can be planted directly into your garden, use a protective cloche in cooler areas.


Now is the perfect time to sow new lawns. We have a great range of lawn seed from hardwearing for playground areas to easy care options.

Spray now for Onehunga weed and broadleaf weeds with a turf or prickle weed killer and be prickle free this summer.