Grow your own orchard at home! Here are our top tips to get your fruit tree off to the best start.

Growing fruit trees in your patch

The home orchard is an important part of New Zealand’s gardening history, and although the modern home garden is small, the trend for growing your own fruit is still strong. Fruit trees not only produce a rewarding crop each year, but are also great as a decorative garden feature, providing spring flowers, fragrance and summer shade.

Here’s how

Dig a hole that will comfortably fit the root circumference of the tree but ensuring the hole is not too deep.

You can also mix in some sheep pellets as this will help with the soil quality and growth in spring. Ensure the soil goes around all the roots, especially if the soil that the tree was in has fallen off. Gently compact this soil as you fill the hole around the tree.

It is important that you use a good stake on the windward side of the tree to stop it rocking around in the wind.

Spread some mulch around the tree to conserve moisture and protect the roots.

Finally, it is important to give the plant a good drink and this will remove any air pockets in the soil. We would recommend adding adding a general fertiliser such as Tui NovaTec premium or a specialised fruit fertiliser as this will help improve the soil quality and ensure the tree gets that perfect start, guaranteed!