Learn how to grow this Kiwi garden essential. Just a few tricks and you’ll have a bumper crop.

Citrus in your garden

It wouldn’t be a kiwi garden without the iconic citrus tree. Every gardener should have one. Easy- peel mandarins and oranges are a favourite with the kids and lemons and limes are perfect in drinks or cooking. They are also highly ornamental in pots, perfect if you're short on space!

Here's how:

Citrus grow best in warm, sunny locations which are sheltered from strong winds. The primary need for citrus is well draining soil as they don’t like waterlogged soil.

The best time for planting citrus is in spring or early summer and again in autumn, catching that spurt of new growth at the first signs of warm weather and taking advantage of that nice warm soil.

Begin by watering the plant thoroughly while still in its container, and then allow the plant to drain. Dig a hole slightly larger than the container and deep enough that the citrus will sit at its present depth. Get your citrus off to a great start by popping a handful of sheep pellets or poultry manure in the planting hole. Add your citrus tree to the planting hole, fill in with the soil from the hole that you have dug and firm down.

Citrus trees are gross feeders and require being fed regularly with a specific slow release citrus fertiliser. Citrus have a shallow, fibrous rooting system; therefore additional watering might be required over the summer period. If rainfall is not adequate your trees should be watered deeply twice a week. Using a mulch like Tui Mulch & Feed will help to conserve moisture and prevent weed growth around the plant.