Cauliflower Pakoras - The Modern Day Gardener

Cauliflower Pakoras - The Modern Day Gardener

Cauliflower Pakoras – The Modern Day Gardener

It’s harvesting time for some of us and this year we have a lot of cauliflower in our garden!

The cauliflower is such a versatile vegetable, you can steam it, roast it, make cauliflower cheese, turn it into rice and pizza bases – what can’t this vegetable do?!

I think they might be my favourite winter vegetable to grow, they are low maintenance (except for those pesky butterflies!) and it’s so rewarding when they all start to grow.

I wanted to spice up cauliflower and make some cauliflower pakoras. A pakora is a batter made up from gram flour (chickpea) seasoned with spices, water, and vegetables, then deep fried – absolutely delicious!

My recipe below is completely vegan and so easy to make at home!


– 1 large cauliflower

– 150g gram/chickpea flour

– 1/2 tbsp cumin

– 1/2 tbsp tumeric

– 1/2 tbsp smoked paprika

– 1 tsp chilli powder (optional)

– 1 tsp garlic powder

– 1/2 tsp baking powder

– salt & pepper

– 150-175ml cold water

– 1-2 cups of vegetable oil for frying

– 1/2 cup coconut yoghurt

– 1-2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce or hot sauce


  1. Wash the cauliflower thoroughly and chop into bite sized florets
  2. In a medium to large sized bowl, add the chickpea flour, cumin, turmeric, smoked paprika, garlic powder, baking powder, salt, pepper and chilli powder (if using)
  3. Slowly pour in the water and whisk until the mixture coats the back of the spoon, enough to coat the cauliflower but not run off it.
  4. Heat the vegetable oil to 180 degrees celsius, if you don’t have a thermometer, you can test the temperature by putting the tip of a wooden spoon in and if bubbles start building up around the spoon, it should be good!
  5. Add one floret at a time and when it hits the oil, it should bubble and start deep frying. Top tip: don’t overcrowd the pot.
  6. Cook for 3-5 minutes or until golden and remove from the oil and put on a paper towel.
  7. Once all cooked, sprinkle with salt (I like to use flaky sea salt).
  8. Serve with coconut yoghurt topped with a sweet chilli or hot sauce.

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