Organic Gardening Products

At Palmers we recognise the importance of providing organic gardening products for you and your family while being kinder to the environment in which we inhabit.

New Zealand is known as clean and green. As consumers we have become more and more interested in knowing where our food is coming from, how it was raised and what chemicals were used in the process. Palmers have over 100 years of experience in helping generations of New Zealand gardeners. We understand that what is put into our gardens is then fed to our loved ones.

What is ‘Organic’?

As a basic definition, an organic product is made entirely from naturally occurring ingredients and uses natural processes during every stage of its production. Genuine organic product shouldn’t contain any man-made ingredients or chemicals. Gardening without the use of any man-made chemicals and processes is also termed organic gardening, and there are many organic gardening products available that can do the same job as a chemical application.

Home Made Compost

The key to great crops is great soil, so adding organic matter to your soil like compost is really beneficial. Made from kitchen scraps and garden waste, compost is an essential ingredient for creating a nutrient rich soil to grow strong, healthy plants which can better resist problems from pest and disease. Spreading compost regularly around plants also helps control weeds, retains moisture in the soil and keeps a balance of beneficial microbes and insects working in your soil. For further information see our How to Make and Use Compost Guide.

Our stores also stock certified organic compost and potting mix – here are a few options below:

Tui Organic Compost and Mixes

organic gardening products
Tui Organic Compost is BioGro certified. Revitalise your soil with natural resources including bark fines, sheep pellets, blood & bone, and gypsum.
Tui Organic Vegetable Mix is BioGro certified and comprised of bark fines, sheep pellets, and the healthy additions of slow release fertiliser, calcium and potassium, this mix is designed to ensure you get the most from your vegetable patch.
Tui Organic Potting Mix is BioGro certified. Ingredients include, bark fines, sheep pellets and the healthy addition of slow release fertilisers.
Tui Organic Seed Raising Mix is BioGro certified and provides your seeds with a 100% natural start to life. The additions of slow release fertiliser and plant nutrients encourage healthy seedlings to resist disease.

Yates Nature’s Way Organic Mixes

organic gardening products

Yates Nature’s Way Organic Mixes are enriched with local New Zealand sourced:

  • Seaweed to promote healthy root development and help improve plant resistance to pest, drought and frosts
  • Fish meal, naturally high in nitrogen, micro nutrients, vitamins and amino acids to gently feed your plants and improve the soil
  • Blood & bone, a traditional organic slow release fertiliser for gentle, longer feeding. High in Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) for healthy leaf and root growth and organic calcium for stronger plants, fruit and flowers
  • Chicken manure, providing a boost of vital nutrients nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), while enriching the soil
  • Trace elements to help prevent plant deficiencies
  • Zeolite helps to improve soil structure and nutrient holding capacity to feed your plants for longer


Yates Organic Plant Fertilisers and Food

organic gardening products

Yates have a large range of natural and organic plant foods and fertilisers. They have a few variants in their Yates Thrive Natural Organic Based Pelletised Plant Food including roses, vegie and herb, citrus and fruit. They have a large range of natural plant fertilisers including their Thrive Natural Liquid Plant Food concentrate which includes more than 50% natural organic ingredients.

Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic

organic gardening products

Crafted from sustainably sourced seaweed, regular applications promote healthy plant and root growth to make plants more resilient to common problems including: frost, heat, pests and diseases.

Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic is safe to apply year-round, on all plants, to create a naturally healthy garden.

Pest Control

Yates Nature’s Way Organic Citrus, Vegie & Ornamental Spray

organic gardening products

Yates have a few natural and organic pest control products. Yates Nature’s Way Citrus, Vegie & Ornamental Insect Spray is an organically certified pyrethrum and oil combination insecticide, with twin modes of action against garden pests.

Kiwicare Organic Pest Control


organic gardening products

Organic Insect control with pyrethrum is a fast acting control of a wide range of insect pests, for use on fruit, vegetables, roses and ornamentals.
Organic Super Spraying oil, is a horticultural oil protects your plants from a range of insect pests, mites and diseases – controls sap sucking insects that spread diseases.
Organic Super Sulphur, provides organic control of diseases – powdery mildew, blackspot and rust. Plus control of moss, lichen and mites. For use on fruit trees, vegetables and roses.

Organic Seeds

Yates Organic Seeds

organic gardening products

Yates have a wide range of your favourite veges in their organic seeds range, which are organically produced. Their organic seed range includes, beetroot, broccoli, capsicum, carrot, cauliflower, chilli, cucumber, pumpkin, radish, rocket, spring onion, tomato and watermelon.

Mr Fothergills

organic gardening products

Mr Fothergills offers a range of organic seeds including, several tomato varieties, leafy greens such as spinach, silverbeet, lettuce and cress, capsicum, carrot, spring onion, leek and more! Organic farming is about plant health management and disease prevention without the use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides and fungicides). By planting organically grown seed you can ensure your crops are 100% organic from start to finish, and you know exactly what has gone into your produce.